Managed WiFi

Ruckus unique technology makes it a global visionary and market leader in managed wireless networks. Ruckus provides exceptional coverage in difficult building layouts, is effective for high densities of users and offers exceptional speeds to devices. Networks can be controlled centrally through a web-based user interface for ease of management.

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Ruckus Managed Wi-Fi

Ruckus can be deployed with the management software built into the wireless access points, with an on-premise CPU or can connect to a cloud-based controller software. Each has its own benefits and this enables Ruckus to be tailored to the requirements and infrastructure of each customer.
Ruckus also has built-in security with encrypted traffic and with separate staff/guest network access to protect your organisation’s private data from those guests accessing your network.

All of these attributes along with exceptional value for requirements of any scale have made Ruckus a market leading product for organisations with the most demanding of wireless requirements including but not limited to education, warehousing and hospitality.

Wireless Applications

Ruckus also offers and works in conjunction with applications including wireless bridges, advanced guest management, targeted marketing and data collection.

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