Phone Lines, Calls, Numbers

C.UK resells telephone lines and calls on the public switched telephone network (PSTN). With direct relationships to network operators BT Wholesale and Gamma Telecom and to the local infrastructure body of BT Openreach we can fully manage these services from installation of lines, through to support and billing of your monthly (customizable) telephone bill with competitive call tariffs and packages, all controlled through one local point of contact.

Analogue and ISDN

C.UK supply all line types from Analogue and ISDN copper lines to SIP trunks. Together with our expertise on systems and connectivity we can design, recommend and implement the solution that best fits your business in terms of cost, reliability and resilience. This includes using multiple line types to achieve the latter.

Non Geographic numbers

C.UK also supply Non Geographic numbers (such as 0333 or 0800) and cloud-based number management services enabling you to move any number to the cloud and control direction of the calls via a web-based management tool.

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