Internet Connections

C.UK supply business quality internet connections. We have a comprehensive range of carefully selected products, access to the major Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) and the local expertise to simplify and explain clearly the options and their suitability.
There are two distinct types of fixed line internet connection and 5 key sub-types that we offer and are briefly explained below:

Broadband Connections:

ADSL: Widely known as broadband. You share the available speed with your neighbours. No guaranteed speeds and no guarantees with fault fixing

FTTC: or Fibre to the Cabinet. Increased speeds where it is partly delivered on fibre. Else, identical to ADSL

Ethernet Connections:

EoFTTC: Delivered like an FTTC, except dedicated to you. No sharing with your neighbours, so all of the speed is for you. You are now guaranteed your speed and a circuit failure will be fixed within 6 hours

EFM: Delivered on 4 copper wires instead of 1, making faults far less likely. Dedicated like EoFTTC so you get full use of the speed and a 6 hour fix on failure

Fibre Leased Line: The highest quality connection delivered entirely on fibre. Dedicated, high speed, very stable and reliable with a 5 hour fixed on failure

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